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All In The Family
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Rated 2.6/5 stars (186 votes cast)

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All in the Family was both a controversial and groundbreaking show, which debuted as a mid season replacement on CBS January 12, 1971. It became a most influential show in television history and made a impact, changing American TV standards forever. All in the Family was a pioneer in changing TV satire into a more realistic, frank and hard hitting piece of entertainment.This comedy revolves around Archie Bunker, a hard nosed, bigoted blue-collared working man and his family. He makes no bones about his racial, religious and political views. His wife Edith is a ditsy, subservient woman whom he refers to as dingbat, provides a perfect balance to Archies harsh demeanor, by being sweet and affectionate to all. Their daughter Gloria and her college-student husband Mike also reside there. The verbal sparring usually comes from Mike, or Meathead as Archie calls him. Their neighbors, The Jeffersons and their liberal son Lionel, also provide their share of angst with Archie.

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