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Allo Allo
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Rene Artois runs a small cafe in France during World War II. He alwaysseems to have his hands full: Hes having affairs with most of hiswaitresses, hes keeping his wife happy, hes trying to please the Germansoldiers who frequent his cafe, and hes running a major undergroundoperation for the Resistance. Quite often, the Germans incompetence itselfis what nearly lands Rene and his cohorts in hot water; they are not helpedeither by the locals, who are dreadfully keen to get rid of the Germans,but their blatant and theatrical attempts at espionage and secrecy oftencreate problems that Rene must solve quickly.Rene Artois is the owner and manager of a cafe in German-occupied France ofWorld War II. To look at him, its hard to believe that some women find himirresistible, something he has to work hard to hide from his wife Edith.Renes cafe, frequented by both the German military and the Frenchresistance, is the focal point for the show. Renes a bit of a coward andis stuck in the middle, trying to humor both sides. Hidden in the cafe aretwo English airmen who dont understand a word of French. Other charactersinclude Lt. Gruber, a homosexual German tank driver; Otto Flick, the evilSS officer who is always outsmarted; and Engelbert von Smallhausen, hissmall sidekick. Renes not the only coward in town: Captain Hans Geeringand Colonel Kurt von Strohm are constantly on the defensive, along withCaptain Alberto Bertorelli of the Italian army who has a medal forservicing Fiats. Much of the farce comes from Officer Crabtree, an Britishagent disguised as a French policeman with a poor grasp of "Zee FronchLinguige," and from Renes amorous waitresses, Mimi, Yvette, and Maria.In this spoof of World War II, Rene Artois runs a cafe in German-occupiedFrance. He is also an unwilling agent of the Germans, mostly under thecommand of Col. Kurt von Strohm, and of the French Resistance, under thecommand of Michelle Dubois ("Listen very carefully; I shall say this onlyonce"). Rene is married to aged Edith, who is the worst singer in theworld, but he finds that young women find him sexy. Most of the plotsinclude planning the murder of the local commanding German officer, GeneralErich von Klinkerhoffen, as well as the ownership of a painting called "TheFallen Madonna with the Big Boobies"--a painting that everybody would loveto get their hands on to sell after the war. He has also two downed idiotBritish airmen who, as time goes by, are impossible to get rid of. The mainopposition is the insane SS officer Otto Flick. Rene tries to complete theGerman and the Fench Resistances plans, even though hes a coward andwonders if hes going to get out of the war alive.

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