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Ally Mcbeal
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Rated 2.4/5 stars (188 votes cast)

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Ally McBeal and Billy Thomas were going steady throughout their childhoods.Ally even followed Billy to Harvard law school despite having no interestin law. But when Billy chose to pursue a career in law away from Ally,their relationship came to an end. In the present, an old classmate ofAllys named Richard Fish gives Ally a job at his law firm, where Billy andhis new wife are also working. This puts Ally in a predicament since shestill has feelings for Billy which shes laboring to get over. At theoffice, Ally puts up with a nosy, gossiping secretary named Elaine, and anoddball lawyer named John Cage never seems to lose a case. At home, Allysfriend and house-mate Renee regularly advises her on her love life. Theseries follows Allys trials and tribulations in life through her eyes, andcaricaturizes her personal thoughts and fantasies.Ally McBeal is a single young lawyer looking for love and fullfillment inlife. She works for a Boston Law firm with her ex-lover and his wife, amoney loving boss and an annoying receptionist. With all that is going onshe must contend with her feelings and her over active imagination.

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